Define each day your way

One of the nicest things about life at Lanark Place is that each day can be as busy and socially active as you want it to be. You may decide to be suitably spoiled at the spa, or to attend a stimulating lecture or exercise class. Better still is the fact that the list of ways to spend your time is endless, thanks to our fulltime Life Enrichment Team.

Things to do. Places to go.

The following is a list of possible activities we have planned for your enjoyment:

Residents Council - our Residents Council gives residents and their families a say in life at Lanark Place

Spiritual gatherings – residents can strengthen their faith in our own dedicated chapel 

Fitness and exercise – Tai Chi, Yoga and other group exercise classes in our exercise room help residents maintain mobility and strength 

Music and entertainment - whether it's a sing-along, movie night or watching the big game in our own theatre and media room, our residents are delighted by the opportunity for merriment 

Good taste and good friends - residents can take cooking lessons in our demonstration kitchen and make their own creations from their recipe boxes. They also enjoy themed dinner events 

Continuing education – guest speakers deliver talks on educational topics and travelogues, environmental studies, literature and more. Informal classes are frequently provided on a variety of practical topics such as computers and renewing one's driver's license 

Fun and games – residents can exercise their brain power with bridge and euchre tournaments, trivia sessions and board games, and explore your creative side with scrapbooking and other crafts. The annual Wii™ bowling tournament is the high point of the year and residents practice far in advance to perfect their swings!

Community outings - whether shopping, hiking or spending an evening at the theatre, residents look forward to outings to explore, socialize and feel more connected to the community. 

Every day is ongoing adventure, and friends and family are always welcome to join in on the fun!




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